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Tips and Tricks: Use the Task Manager like a Widget or Sidebar Gadgets


An anonymous user gave a useful information about the missing taskmanager menus.

"by getting rid (remove) of the menues and then make the window as small as possible to just show the one process you are are looking at."

Puzzled by what it can do more, I started to think and experiment with it. Wow! The Task Manager can be use to monitor your services, Cpu Usage and Network Bandwidth without using Sidebar Gadgets in Windows Vista.

Cpu Usage and History Gadget-like Task Manager

Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to launch the Task Manager, Click the Performance Tab and then double click any vacant space around the Tab. That's it! you can resize and put it anywhere around your desktop.

Task Manager as a Gadget-like Network Bandwidth Utilization Monitor

Same as the procedure above. Just Click the Networking Tab and Double-click any vacant space.

Now you can (somewhat) monitor if someone is accessing your shared folders across the Network.

Simple, Nice and Sweet! Enjoy!


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Anonymous said...

I am using HSDPA/3G modem to connect to internet. Now I can monitor my Internet Bandwidth easily. thank you. How about the memory?

Anonymous said...

To me it seems the Task Manager uses a lot more CPU than the widget I am using. On my Centrino Duo laptop, Task Manager eats up about 30% to 40% of the CPU. That's a little expensive to be running all the time IMHO.

Anonymous said...

I dont think thats true. Sidebar consumes more memory than task manager and lot's of hardisk usage.
everyone can check that using the Reliability and Performance Tool.

I dont use sidebar. its a waste.


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