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Windows 7 Features: New UI, Networking, Media Player, Device Stage and Customizations

There are lots of improvements in User Interface, Controllability and Usability that brings together and getting things done easily.

Windows 7 Presentation at PDC 2008 #1 by drphysx

Windows 7 Presentation at PDC 2008 #2

Now, Microsoft is getting it done correctly.

Can't Wait to Download and install Windows 7 Pre-Beta Version :)


Anonymous said...

i just bought vista last month. I want my refund!!!

If i buy a new copy of Windows 7, do I have a discount?

Lawrence Albert said...

I'm sorry to hear that... I don't know if there's a discount.

Here's what can I say... Vista is a Good Product that leads to Windows 7.

Windows 7 will not be there without Vista.

So, an Upgrade is most likely cheap for Vista Users.

Don't be Angry. That's Life.

Hopefully, Microsoft will add more features in Windows 7.

I want WinFS! Anyway, Great Work MS :)


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