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Closed: English AdSense Help Forum in Google Groups

Google Can't post to Adsense Help Discussions?

"Welcome to the AdSense Help Forum Archive!

Please note that this forum is only an archive and you can no longer post questions here."

Don't worry, the AdSense Help Forum was moved to a new platform that offers a number of features:

* Question & answer (Q&A) format to help you find answers quickly
* Improved search functionality, integration with the AdSense Help Center and others
* Better spam detection and prevention (Nice! Thanks...) 
* Public recognition of Top Contributors (Great!) and frequent posters 
* Ability to subscribe to ask questions and receive answers via email (mmm... spam? joke...)

Source (The New Forum):

In my experiences, Google Adsense Team has the Best Customer Service.

Quick, Easy and Straight Forward.

No wonder why it is now the Best Advertising option in the World.

Keep up the Great Work... :)

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