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[Vista] How to Restore Folder Icons to Default

FolderBug Did you notice any problem or somewhat different in the folders? Recently, I installed a program to customize the current Windows Vista theme and icons. I am so amazed with the program because they gave three themes for free! But one thing I got so angry, For the second time (Same with the previous version), it did not restore my folder Icons  to default.

I will not say the name of the program because I want to give them a chance to develop the program Again and hopefully, In the next version they will fix the bug.


Notes Before Installing any program:

1. If possible, Download the program in the author's website.

2. Click the link and Read about Adding a Right-Click Menu (Context Menu) to your Computer Icon for a Creating a Restore Point easily.


How to Fix the Problem:


Solution 1: Restoring the Folder pictures

Right-Click the Folder > Properties > Go to Customize Tab > Click the Restore Default Button > Finally, Click the Apply Button... That's it! This one fix my folder problem But you have to do this ONE BY ONE TO ALL FOLDERS...

Note: This is a little bit time saving solution but one thing I have noticed, it adds a file called "desktop.ini" to the folder

Solution 2: Restoring the Folder icon (Time Consuming but effective)


Right-Click the Folder > Properties > Go to Customize Tab > In the Folder icons Group, Click Change Icon > Click the Restore Defaults Button > OK Button > Finally the Apply Button.

Sorry but you have to do this, one by one to all the folders...

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Note: I already tried using System Restore but it did not work.


Use WinBubble If you need to restore some icons such as


Users Folder (Username), Desktop Folder, Pictures, Favorites,  Videos, Contacts, Documents, Music, Computer, Control Panel,  Recycle bin, Network Neighborhood, Downloads and Open Folder Icon

In just One Click It can be restored. All of them! Isn't that amazing?

How? Read this article: How to Restore Windows Vista Icons


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