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[Help] How to Get your Blogger Feed-ID (Blog-ID)


When it comes to Blogging especially for startup publishers, you need to read and research as many as you can. Don't just copy what others do. Think Deep.

Anyway, here's a request from my friend that just started blogging.

When installing Windows Live Writer, it may ask for the "<feed-id>". Getting the Feed ID upon installation is very difficult for beginners.

How? If I recall correctly, I already said this, here But I'll do it in a purely step-by-step beginners style method.

1. Login to your blogger account

2. Just point the mouse cursor to Posts link and copy the numbers after  "blogid=..."  You can do it also in settings and layout.

3. I know, It's difficult to memorize. so just click the Posts link and just copy in the address bar. That's it!

feed id

Enjoy Blogging!

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