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UnlockME: Internet Explorer 7 and FireFox 3 doesn't load the latest web page

shot Last night I got this problem on both leading browsers  - IE7 and Firefox. Both of them seem locked, it doesn't refresh and load the recent post of my blog.

1. Firefox: One-two days ago content is displayed

2. Internet Explorer doesn't display the latest blog post

SOLUTION: Clearing the Temporary Internet Files

In Internet Explorer, Go to Tools > Internet Options > Browsing History Delete Button > Temporary Internet Files Delete files Button


This will delete all the copies of webpages, images and other media that are saved for faster loading and viewing of web pages.

For Firefox, Go to Tools > Clear Private Data or just press CTRL+SHIFT and DEL button to open the window. Check "Offline Website Data" and press the "Clear Private Data Now" Button


That's it!

This solves my problem in posting new blog entries and viewing the recent webpages.


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