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[Vista/XP] How to Re-Enable and Disable User Account

You want to re-enable a login account in Windows Vista that has been previously disabled or restricted by your brother. But the problem, he forgot already how to enable the logon account. Here's my Quick Tip for you Jasper...

Error Message "Logon failure: Account currently disabled"

Open the command prompt as administrator, Type cmd in the Start Menu Search > CTRL+SHIFT and press Enter

Command to Disable the account

Net user USERNAME password /active:no

Command to activate or re-enable the account

Net user USERNAME password /active:yes


Net user LawrenceAlbert p@ssw0rd /active:yes

Net user LawrenceAlbert p@ssw0rd /active:no

If there is no password:

Net user LawrenceAlbert /active:no

If you want to only hide the User Account for Local and Remote Users, here

Simple? Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

this is really a very informative website. thank you!

Lawrence Albert said...

thank you :)


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