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Download Free Amazing MyColor Themes

This thread will be updated as soon as Stardock or Users releases New Free Wow MyColor themes... Enjoy!

Latest: MyColor 2.5 was Released!

NOTE: Create a restore point first using my Restore Point Creator Right-Click Menu before applying any theme above. Recommended!


Quest.MyColors (15.9 MB)


This is the theme included in their last limited free download. Unlike before, Now It Looks Cool and amazing because the Glass feature was turned on.


Diamond.MyColors (28.2 MB)


This amazing theme includes tons of things you want to transform your computer to a new, simply beautiful, amazing glassy look and the most important...it's free! Windows XP users can now compared their User Interface to Vista with complete set of great highly stylized icons.


This is Totally FREE!

ThinkGreen (MyColors 2.5 default theme) - 7/10



This is a Free Beautiful Earth theme that campaigns to revive our love towards the Environment.

Earthlings Download the themes Now: Stardocks Download page 


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