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Thank You Kind PCWORLD.COM

PCWORLD.COM_Downloads Even if I'm just a tiny, unnoticeable little guy in the Internet. I'm really proud that my little software WinBubble was reviewed by PCWORLD.COM and they have always time to send an email.

"it's hard to find something that this remarkable tweaking program can't do. Whether you're a dedicated Vista tweaker, or just getting started, there's something here for you. - Preston Gralla"

Recently, I sent an email to them and asking an apology why?

"Thank you very much for the quick reply. For the previous versions, I did not create a link back because I don't know how to update the file."

I'm thinking differently! I thought I'm just a guy (you know...)

The Great Preston Gralla

"Recently, I read an XP book that he was the author and when I checked it, I was shock that I didn't write anything to him..."

"After Reading the Book of Mr Preston, I was ashamed of myself. I'm really sorry..."

Now, I became one of your fans! He is a well-known technology expert and won number of awards for his writing.

Thank you very much Sir... It was a Dream Come True.




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