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Number One Gets the Best and Number Two takes what's Left


Is this true and does it really matters? Most of the times this is true especially in big companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple. The ecology of Internet is changing day by day. People are getting smarter, shifting from television to Youtube, PC to cell phones and most of the times they don't care if what they are using the Best product, as long as they are enjoying the system and it provides a solution for their needs.

Most of the companies want's to be the Best. But is it really important? If you'll create thousands of Useful tools that is not the best but provide a solution for everyone's need. That will be great!

That is what I noticed. The measurement of Being the Best is based on the quantity of usefulness and the number of relevant solutions that they've solved.

Google provides a solution in search that do not based on the correct answer or original answer but based on the popularity of the answer. Most of the times, this is being manipulated and exploited not only by the hackers but the famous companies itself.


Due to it's nature, It will benefit All. Companies are happy with the system because they have the power to win the popularity contest (To be the Best) but in the end... The Original Answer or the Creator himself  ALSO WINS...

Negative Effect: Some companies may use the system to manipulate the answers.

Microsoft, No Doubt Windows is still the best OS from children to adult. If Linux and Apple can provide a solution for millions of people like Bill Gates did. That would be great!

Negative Effect: Microsoft controls all of them. The technology is being based on a single company only. This is good if they will work hard every single day.

Firefox became popular because it solved most of the problems in Internet surfing. IE7 Protected Mode is the response.


Now, Do you want to be the Best?



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