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Google (organic) Hits Restored


Now, my Google Search Hits was restored. In the past few days, there are times that I almost give-up and started thinking about selling my blogsite. Although I did not suffer or experienced a large impact because large part of the hits (50-70%) I received, came from the users and website administrators all over the world. In the long term, you will not grow without Google's Help. Again Thank you so much guys... I will not forget your help, for your emails and suggestions...

How and What Did I Learned?

During the Days when you were down, you've started thinking on how to solved the problem.

1. Think Deep, Don't just do anything without thinking for several times.

2. Have some rest, Due to the two consecutive programs I released. I suffer extreme stressed for the first few days of the month. I learned how to control my emotions and give time for my mind to rest.

3. Be truthful, In my experiences with Google Adsense, They have the Best Customer Service I ever encounter. So, They will give time to check your website if it's clean.

4. Start Cleaning your website links...and follow this guide: Webmater Guidelines 

5. Be Truthful, they can check. Post and Ask Help at Google Webmaster Help Section

"I do not accept any payments or pay for the help given by several
communities around the world in sharing my software. If I see that
they wholeheartedly supported and share my software to others... I gave a link. Is that illegal? I'm very sorry, this is my first time.

webmastertools6.  Login to your Google Webmaster Tools and Submit your website for reconsideration.

7. Wait and Pray...




If your lucky and Google approved your website for reconsideration:

Do not be careless again and always think before adding any links to your post/website.

Thank you Google! I have learned my lesson.



Vishal Gupta said...

Excellent mate. Glad to see your problem fixed. :)

Lawrence Albert said...

Thank you for your email and suggestion Vishal!
Also to Mr. Jatin of and Calvin of and For my Friend JCalbert that introduced to me. and to ALL the users that frequently visit and read my tutorials, tips and tweaks. Thanks guys!!!


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