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The First WinBubble Video in Youtube

This is the first WinBubble video that actually gave a detailed explanation about its features. Pretty Cool!

WinBubble, Great Application for Vista Part I

"This is basically a tuning application that's meant for Windows Vista only...It's very so Nice Service. It's a nice program because you can Tune-up a lot of things..."

Please take a look and have some fun. I'm planning to create a youtube video but I think, there's no need to do that. There's someone did it for me. Highly Recommended!

WinBubble, Great Application for Vista Part II

Thank you very much Mr. tjasko1!

Quick Tip: If you want to download the video, Download it using my new software called Youtube File Hack Tool or If you feel that it's not a Geek thing because it can be use only in Internet Explorer, Here's the manual way to download the video:

Youtube Hack! Manually Download and Save the Youtube Video.

It's easy!


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Taylor Jasko said...

Tjasko1 here; seriously.

Thanks for your Blog Post! Wow, didn't expect that the company who created the software would post about my video(s).

Your welcome! Glad to post a good review about a great (and free!) application! :)

LawrenceAlbert said...

Hello Tjasko1, Thanks for reviewing and creating a nice youtube video about my software WinBubbles. It was a great video and you deserved it. Company? nope... Anyway, Again Please Help Me share my application to others, I hope you'll create more Youtube videos regarding WinBubble... Thanks in Advance!

Taylor Jasko said...


Ohh, don't worry. I probably will. Defiantly when newer updates come out. Seriously, it's a great program! It's one of the best I've seen in a while that's free. I'm going to do some other videos too on WinBubble. Probably sometime this week or so. But, videos get a little chaotic when you have different parts; and so many to upload... I'll get another one in about the security features in WinBubble soon. Because, there are some important ones in there!



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