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Voltmeter and Analog Voltage at New Terms

Digital Signal couples up to create Analog World. What do you call that science of data gathering deep inside?

Updated and New Terms

Voltmeter - A device that displays the voltage across the test points. To work properly, connect the voltmeter in parallel with the load, attaching the probes to connectors on either side of the load you want to measure. The voltmeter can measure DC or AC voltage. DC mode measures the average value of the voltage. When set to AC, the voltmeter displays the root-mean-square (RMS) value of the signal. Mostly, the voltmeter has a very high resistance of 1 Megaohms.

Analog - At new terms, it is a digital pulse bonded together to form a really strong signal sinusoidally united. At I/O, reading and inputting continously in order for computers to analyze these data - Digital to Computer Processing to Analog output. Many samples of one bit of information that corresponds to 1 or 0 rallies together, bonded and united to create what you called Analog Signal. Applications are Amplifiers (computerized), Analog reading and Logging.

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