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BI and BO as core technology of all gadgets

Believe it or not, How about your "hand and sensors"? What its equivalent on products?

Binary Input (BI)

- Its the sensor or smell of computers for processing e.g. measurement of voltages, level alarms and computer logging functions. Activated by Input Ground Technology to the computer means ON and the program language like QB, Visual Basic 6.0 and .Net (C# and Visual Basic) can be used to process the signal.

INP(889) lets you understand input devices if the address is 889

Binary Output (BO)

- Sending of Power signals in binary forms from the computers to the device. From actual, +5v (logic 1) and GND (logic 0) can be seen to the Pins and controlled using a software or a programmer like Visual Studio.

Applications: Switches, Relays and Lamps

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