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Veristic finds executable scripts designed for possible virus infection

The program is a file-finder and analysis software invented to anti-virus  your computer with administrative functions.


  • The software can disable autoplay of files -viruses and worms subsequently  stopping them from launching automatically.
  • The program can show hidden and system files for scanning purposes
  • It can also scan and show hidden drives


You just need to push scan and that's it! Wait for the program to respond.


Technology Behind

The author said, "The program came from Scour and Bins" a technology for scanning mp3 files across the drives. plus changing it to ".vbs" or executable scripts.

Download any Bins and extract the zip file to Install. At C:\ShellCities\veristic.exe is free of charge. Anyway at Desktop-Bin you can use the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+G.



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