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Adding Password to Lawrence Web Browser before launching the program

Desktop Bins features Internet-Secure-Desktop while surfing the internet. Builds are now stable that you can rely with the technology.

Anyway, How to add password before going to use any program?

1. Download and install any Bin: Click here
If you have any problems downloading, open Windows Explorer and type ftp://pedialogy.org
Username: freedownload
Password: 1970make
2. It doesn't do anything but moving the files from the installer.
3. After reboot, Press CTRL+SHIFT+S to secure your desktop. CTRL+SHIFT+R to restore.
4. Click the Internet Icon and if  Lawrence Portable Web Browser didn't show up, its located at C:\ShellCities\webbrowser.exe

You'll see the prompting for password at UAC.

Can we use the feature at Windows? Yes, we can do that by switching to windows.
Any Application or programs with UAC will  have passwords asking.

Thanks for reading!



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