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Update: New emergency features of Lawrence Portable Web Browser

Web browsers are very important nowadays. Most of us always wants transactions to be perfect and no problems.

Lets discuss how the new version was updated and its features that can help for emergency situations.

Download the Program: Click Here

Having problems downloading? use your Windows Explorer and type ftp://pedialogy.org
Username: freedownload
Password: 1970make

1. Portability
 - the 47 kb program was updated and even the smallest memory space for flash drives and harddisk is capable of storing the program.

2. Simplicity
- No other options and features except web browsing, FileShared and Saving URL or noting your Web URLs

3. OLD and NEW (2 in 1)
- The browser is an old IE Technology for stability plus EDGE emulation

4. Tested at Life Desktop Bin: Download and try your new Internet-Secure-Desktop.

Hope this helps!



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