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Turn Off Aero using a Keyboard Shortcut

I received a warm reception after releasing the article on how to turn on and turn off Windows Aero using Desktop Window Manager commands, Almost all comments expressed their thanks, such as "Thanks, Now I can use my laptop battery longer than usual..."


Here's an update...I put the shortcuts on the 10th icon of the Quick Launch toolbar and used the automatically assigned Keyboard Shortcuts... Now, if I want to play games and turn the Aero Off, I press Win+"0".

If you haven't yet read the previous article, here's a guide.

1. iUnlockThis! Create an Aero On Off and Flip3D Shortcut

2. Drag the icon to the Quick Launch Bar.

3. To use the Shortcut keys, Press Win + position of the icon

Win+1...Win+9 and Win+0

Note: Don't forget, Shortcut keys are limited.



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