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The Development of WinBubble (Day 1 - 6, Day 7-8, Day 9-10 and Day 11-14)

Due to numerous questions hurled at me day after day regarding my previous articles about Windows Vista Customization, Basic Security and Optimizations, I decided to develop an easy to use tweaking utility that focuses on enhancing your Windows Vista Experience.


Day 1

- Planning of features

- Layout Preparation

- 60% finished (Customize Windows Vista 1 Tab)

Day 2

- I added new tweaks to Customize Windows Vista 1 Tab

- Testing, testing, testing and TESTING...

Day 3

- Customize Windows Vista 1 Tab Completed

- Planning for the icon

Day 4-6

As I continued writing the codes, new ideas constantly popped in my mind.

I am thrilled about these tweaks. How I wish I could launch as many projects as I can before the year ends.

Three days passed by and I have finished 36 tweaks and customizations (Customize Windows Vista 1 & 2 Tab).

Exhausted yet eager to finish the soonest possible time, so must set off…GO GO GO...code code code!

Day 7-8

Seventh Day:

After installing of Windows updates, my laptop crashed. Windows didn’t boot up.

It gave me time though, to think and plan ahead for the release of WinBubbles—which I aim to be on the 22nd to 25th of November. If I finish it early, I plan to add more important tweaks.

Eight Day:

Now, there are more than 60 TWEAKs and CUSTOMIZATIONs

My friends are amazed by how fast I finished 60 tweaks and customizations with all those features.

"What the...you are fast men. In one week you have finished all of them? It has too many features."

The truth was it took me a month to do so. Coding was completed in about a week but research took three weeks of my time. It took its toll on me, and after 6 days of coding, exhaustion finally set in.

When a rare free time is on my hand, I think about my project. Not much to do but think about it, lest I be fired.


Day 9 - 10  "BUGs Life"

Finally, I found the reason why my Windows Vista crashed. This coming week, I’ll try to simulate the situation again. Will release a blog about it.

Regarding WinBubble, I added some tweaks in IE security and fixed some bugs.

Day 11 - 14 

I have tested Winbubble one by one and found some conflicts on some tweaks. I will conduct a thorough inspection and testing of the code.

Day Twelve:

I don’t feel well today. I have a cold. Thanks for the good feedbacks I received from you guys, though.

Got to rest.

Day Thirteen:

I continued to test Winbubble and added some features regarding Desktop Icons.

Day fourteen:

Today, I will start creating articles concerning Winbubble...so check it out!

Day 15

Winbubble is released! Thank you very much to all the people who supported me.

Also, I would like to thank freewarefiles.com for the FREE hosting of Winbubble.

It was fast!

To download WinBubble, Click HERE

About WinBubbles:

Somebody asked me if this is free considering the time, work and all the sacrifices in-between expended. This is what I have to say: All great thinkers love to share their knowledge, and I adhere to that belief, too. Everybody should have this for free.

Stay tuned!



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