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Customizing Windows Vista: Using Large Icons in the Taskbar's Quick Launch Toolbar

Putting my frequently used programs and using large Icons in my Taskbar's Quick Launch toolbar is one of the useful things that I did in my desktop. Before I gave little attention to my toolbar because the icons are very small. Having a resolution of 1280x800 pixels and 14.1 inch laptop screen makes it difficult to use.


smal.icons  Scale: 1:1

Using Large Icons

Confronted with that dilemma, I now use the Quick Launch toolbar everyday. It speeds up my work especially in coding and writing blogs. It has a limitation in space, so I recommend, only put the frequently used program icons and PIN the others to Start Menu.


1. Unlock the Taskbar: Right-Click your taskbar and Uncheck "Lock the Taskbar" option

2. Go to a vacant space in your Quick Launch toolbar, Right-Click and View->choose "Large Icons".

3. Lock the Taskbar: Right-Click your taskbar and choose "Lock the Taskbar" option.





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