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"My Tweaker Tool", Create your Own Tweaker

Winbubble has been Customized and Updated by the users!

Publishers will not be angry anymore because Tips and Tweaks using the registry is being eaten up by Tweaking Utilities.

Now, Everybody can create their own Tweaks and Tricks inside. The First of a kind. There is no need to learn Programming. Winbubble will do it for you...Easily.

Even though tweaking tools do it automatically and it bridges the Gap between the users and masters. Usually in the LONG TERM, KNOWLEDGE is Great. Adding and deleting entries to the registry is the same as one by one adding them to Winbubble. So, I recommend Try to Enjoy Hacking through Registry and When you're done, ADD THEM to Winbubble.


1. Open Winbubble > Miscellaneous TAB, Type the Descriptions and then, Click "Create My Tweaker" Button


2. Adding entries: Gather all the Path and Values first that will be needed in creating the Tweaking tool.


Put IE Menu Bar on Top:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer
"ITBar7Position", DWORD (1 or 0)

HIDE Notification Area/System Tray Icons:
"NoTrayItemsDisplay", DWORD (1 or Delete)

Add Flip3D to Desktop Right-Click Menu:

STRING (Set or Delete)

Add the Registry Key, Value Name, Data and select the Data Type. And then, Choose if it will be deleted or another setting will be set after the Option is Uncheck. Finally, Click the SET BUTTON. That's it!

Put IE Menu Bar on Top:

Tip: Add Entries on CHECKED VALUE first before setting the option "Delete the Set Value". You will notice that It will be added Automatically.


HIDE Notification Area/System Tray Icons:

Add Flip3D to Desktop Right-Click Menu:



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