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Internet Explorer 7: Safer Than Firefox, Opera and Safari

The first major version of IE in over 4 years. Large portion of this program have been significantly rework. Microsoft dubbed it as the  "most secure" version of Internet Explorer to date.

CENZIC APPLICATION SECURITY TRENDS REPORT – Q4, 2007, Internet Explorer has the smallest vulnerabilities by a 22% margin compared to Firefox. Surprised?


Opera had the most reported vulnerabilities, 38% and surprisingly Firefox was next by a 6 percent margin.

"Vulnerabilities in Web browsers were concentrated among four popular technologies - Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Showing a similar trend as Q3 2007, the Opera Web browser with 38 percent had the most reported vulnerabilities during the Q4 time period, with Firefox coming in second by a 6 percent margin. The chart below shows the percentage of the total browser vulnerabilities associated with each product. Unlike previous quarters, less vulnerabilities were reported in Internet Explorer than in Opera, Firefox, or Safari." - Source: Cenzic Application Security Trends Report – Q4, 2007, Cenzic Inc.

To download the complete documentation, click here

Microsoft is trying to fix and innovate Internet Explorer one by one, that's a good thing. It will benefit the Internet users as long as there's a competition.

Some users said they will wait for the upgraded version of Firefox, cool!!!

Thanks to Softpedia for publishing the article...

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