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How to Remove/Disable Start-up programs in Windows Vista

The longer you use your computer and installing numerous applications, the slower it boots up. This is because bloatwares uses large amounts of system resources during Windows start-up.

Solution: Disable or Uninstall them! There are several ways to disable programs when Windows Vista Starts. However, Most of them are redundant.

Disable Start-Up Programs using the Software Explorer in Windows Defender

1. In the Control Panel, open Windows Defender, Select Tools, and then click Software Explorer.
2. Select Startup Programs from Category.
3. To remove a program from startup, select the program and click the Remove button. Use the Disable button to temporarily stop the program from starting when Windows starts. To make them active again, simply select the program and click the Enable button.

software explorer

4. As easy as it sounds though, However, you cannot disable some programs using software explorer because the "Remove, Disable and Enable Buttons" are grayed out. So, Use the next tutorial.

Disable Start-Up Programs using MSCONFIG.EXE (System Configuration)

1. Press Win+R > type "msconfig"

2. Go to Startup Tab > Uncheck the program, and then click the Apply button.


3. You need to Restart your computer to apply the changes.

4. After Reboot, You'll get a message "Windows has blocked some startup programs". To Stop the annoying message, Click the icon in the notification area/system tray, select "Run blocked program" and then "System Configuration Utility".

system configuration

5. Check the checkbox: "Don't show this message or annoy me again when Windows starts"

That's It!

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