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How to Show/Hide Start Menu Search in Windows Vista Service Pack 1

I Unlock This First!!! (Restore the Original Settings)

Put back my Startmenu Search option! After installation of Windows Vista SP1, tons of users and friends ask me a question in bringing back the Search tool. "Why it was removed? it is very useful.  How to Restore my Search Button in Service Pack one? Bring it back Microsoft!"

After several minutes of thinking, suddenly something pops-up in my head. haha!!! WinBubble did it again! Although, I've just released the latest version of WinBubble, This is NEEDED. WinBubble 1.71

How to get it back? Download and open WinBubble 1.71 > Desktop Customization group > Click "Enable Start Menu Search" option and then Press Alt-A or just click the Apply Button. Don't forget to Log-Off and Login.

I'm sure tons of Publisher's and users will HACK WinBubble. Haha!

If your a publisher and you want the TWO commands to restore the Settings. Please email me... just give me a credit.

Note: Everybody can copy and paste this article, Please give a link Back to this page.

That's it!

Bad News: Microsoft patched the hack after several days. Anyway, Here's another Solution: Pin the Search Shortcut in the Start Menu

March 20, 2008

Recent News:

Here's what you want guys.
When you see Start_ShowSearch=1
Add Start_ShowSearch=1 in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,
The tweak is very simple... :)

Two weeks ago, WinBubble can Bring Back/restore your Start Menu completely after installation of Windows Vista Service Pack 1. But Recently, SOME can't. Microsoft silently patched the hack? *not sure, I don't know...

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