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(Quick Tip) How to access and use System Scan through command line

Scan.exe command line tool is an antivirus scanner that provides an alternative way to quickly perform checking for viruses using the command prompt. It is very effective and quick solution for solving problems against viruses and other types of potentially unwanted programs.

Let’s try launching the program and scan your computer using the System login through the Welcome Screen.

Go and Download WinBubble, the program let's you access all the hidden features of the OS easily using its user interface.

Once running, go to the Tips and tricks Tab and at the bottom you’ll see the Ease of Access center button. Click the option and continue by pressing Yes and entering the security password.

Launching through Welcome Screen

You can press Win+L to go to your Welcome Screen or Restart your computer and at the Welcome Screen find the little blue circle button as shown below.


Find the command prompt and use the following command for virus scanning:


To check what login information are you using, type:

nt authority\system



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