Author: Lawrence Albert Pardo-Ilao - Naga City, Philippines

Unlock For Us

Encrypted Password Generator For Online Banking, Mails, Facebook, Friendster and Other Social Networking Sites



You don't need to memorize difficult to remember passwords anymore.



Strong Passwords are secret string of characters that ensure unauthorized users do not access the computer. It can be made up of combination of letters, numbers, especial keyboard symbols, ASCII and spaces.

This is a response to the difficult to remember secure passwords especially if you will use a random password generator.

Although the Easy Password Generator is already the best and the usual way. Encrypted password generator creates a balance between the difficult and easy-to-remember password generators.

From a very simple phrase or word into a strong and encrypted words.


You just need to remember any simple word (e.g. windows 7 from the picture above) or phrase that you like and the tool automatically convert each characters and encrypts them automatically.

It will generate a secure, long and difficult to read passwords in just few clicks for free!

How in the world can you memorize those characters?

1. Use the tool to generate the password and memorize the easy to remember word only (e.g. windows 7).

2. Before login to your bank, mail, facebook or any social networking website, go to the Windows For Us Encrypted password Generator and use the tool to generate your encrypted password.

As easy as that.

You don't need to memorize the difficult passwords because you can go back to the tool and generate the password again then afterwards, use that for login.




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