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Command Line Switches for msconfig.exe (System Configuration Utility) and Tools Tab Customization

systemconfiguration MSConfig is a utility to edit configuration files and startup programs. You can also use of the tool to optimized your computer performance depending on your needs.


Command Line options for the tool

msconfig –[number]

msconfig Switches Tab
1 General
2 Boot
3 Services
4 Startup
5 Tools

Adding more Utilities to the Tool Tab

According to Microsoft (http://WindowsForUs.com?906569), by creating an xml file Mscfgtlc.xml, you can customize the tools Tab of the Utility.

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<a NAME="Internet Protocol Configuration" PATH="%windir%\system32\cmd.exe"
DEFAULT_OPT="/k %windir%\system32\ipconfig.exe" ADV_OPT="/k %windir%\system32\ipconfig.exe /all" HELP="IPCONFIG ipconfig.exe is a console application that displays all current TCP/IP network configuration values."/>

Hope this helps!



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