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[Updated] Understanding security and safe computing

If you share your computer to other people and using old versions like Windows 98 and below, you should take steps to protect your computer from harm.

Why? People can connect by breaking into your computer.

Anyway, If you use the latest version of Windows like Windows 7 and 10, using the Internet is now safe.
Protecting your computer
These are several ways to help protect your computer against potential security threats:

1. Firewall. A firewall can help protect your computer by making sure the right access port and exe file that is permitted.

FIY: Windows Firewall is built into Windows and is turned on automatically.

2. Using a Standard user account, http://unlockforus.blogspot.com/2020/12/why-use-standard-user-account-user-mode.html

3. At Windows, UAC is still recommended.

4. Password or PIN feature is recommended

5. An account manager to user password, firewall, user rights and UAC is completely alright.

A Standard User Account
There are three different types of user accounts: standard, administrator, and guest.

An administrator account provides control over a computer, using a standard account can help make your computer more secure.

That way, if other people gain access to your computer while you are logged on, they can't tamper with the computer's security settings or change other user accounts.



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