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Links Computers around the Globe using World Wide Web (WWW)

Your computer can be use to connect to the Internet, a network that links computers around the world. Surfing the web is available for a data fee in most urban areas, and increasingly, in less populated areas. With Internet, you can communicate with people all over the world and read vast amount of information.

Here are some of the most popular things to do with computers:

1. The World Wide Web is a big-bytes of data and gigantic storehouse of information. The web contains millions of websites and billions of webpages. Just use search engines to dig those important data that you need.

2. Surfing the web can find information on the web about almost any topic imaginable. For example, you can read news stories and movie reviews, check airline schedules, see street maps, get the weather forecast for your city, or research a health condition. Reference sources, such as dictionaries and encyclopedias, are also widely available.

3. The Internet is also a shopper's delight. You can browse and purchase products—books, music, toys, clothing, electronics, and much more—at the websites of major retailers.

4. Watching Movies, TV Shows and Video Clips is now unimaginably easier than before.

5. Downloading Software, Books and Documents is very popular using famous freeware and ebook websites.

Source: Microsoft



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