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(Continuous Browsing) Start with tabs from the last session

What if your working with your web browser and you want to continue  what you are doing next day or after your web browser exits. How will you save and reopen again your last browsing web-pages?

This quick tip is related to the previous article with Google Chrome to continue browsing of recently opened websites after the web browser exits.

Let’s launch the Internet Options by pressing Alt + TO while IE10 is open.


As shown, at the Startup group click to choose “Start with tabs from the last session” – That’s it! you have activated re-opening of the last browsing session after your web browser exits next day.

The web browser will automatically save and re-launch or re-open the last session from your browsing history.


Digging Windows Registry

Upon studying the registry values for the said option, Internet explorer patches Windows registry by default of 0 (It means the option for Continuous browsing is by default not functioning)

To enable, you can go to the following registry folder and put a data value of one (1) for the registry name Enabled.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ContinuousBrowsing

Enabled = 1 or 0 (0 is default)

According to Microsoft and Google, Continuous Browsing: The setting re-opens the website pages that were open at the end of your last browsing session. Internet Explorer will also put back your browsing history session cookies and data.

Works with IE10 and above!



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