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How to change Windows Library Icons


Changing all library icons is easy! All you need to do is to follow these steps to start changing the icons.


Make sure the all hidden files and folders are shown – Press Alt + t + o + View tab and click to choose the option “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”


and go to the path



Make sure that what you see is the same as the picture above

Now open the folders by dragging the folders to notepad or just use the Open with Notepad feature of Winbubbles located at the general tab.

libraryicons_openwithNotepad and click the Apply Button


Its easy! Just right-click and use the feature to locate the XML data


Simply change imageres.dll,-1003 to the path of the icon e.g. C:\Windows\System32\SensorsCpl.dll,14 or [filename] only

If it is difficult to find icons, it is recommended to use all the built-in icons that you can find in windows using winbubbles to prevent mistakes. just go to Icon Tab and click browse to launch the icon browser window.


and use the right side portion to get the path and file by pressing down arrow ↓



Library Icon Original Icon Change to
Documents imageres.dll,-1002 C:\Windows\branding\shellbrd\shellbrd.dll,2
Music imageres.dll,-1004 C:\Windows\system32\NetworkMap.dll,7
Pictures imageres.dll,-1003 C:\Windows\System32\SensorsCpl.dll,14
Video imageres.dll,-1005 same



Cool Right?! Enjoy!



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