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How to Add “Register File” to your Right-Click Menu

Your old computer doesn’t work anymore, you re-installed the OS but  most of the setup to run your important programs is already gone so, you’ve just copied the files and when you run the software you get this message: “Component ‘----------‘ or one of its dependencies are not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid

The only thing that you can do with this is to use your search engine for this files and after downloading them, move them to the folder location of the software or c:\windows\system32 and register the files needed one by one.

Adding “Register File” would be great!


Using the universal script template that WinBubbles have, you’ll be able launch any application with UAC enabled. Same with its examples e.g. How to Add “Hide This File” or “Unhide this File” Context Menu and Hide my Computer to your Network Icon

Download the tool, go to its folder location and Copy “lawrence.vbs'”


Rename the file to any e.g. regsvr32.vbs


open the file with notepad and replace the string

For Each strArg in objArg

‘Replace the string here


To this code (register files):

objApp.shellExecute "cmd.exe", " /c regsvr32 " & chr(34) & strArg & chr(34), , "runas", 1

Save the file, copy the Path, open WinBubble and go to Tools Menu


Click “Windows Explorer (All Files)” Button and add this values

Name    Any e.g. Register this File

Command   wscript "[Path]" "%1"    for example

wscript "C:\Program Files\WinBubble\WinBubble 2\Tools\regsvr32.vbs" “%1”


Click Add afterwards… and start registering DLLs and ActiveX Controls..

To Unregister file (you need to repeat all steps and use this code) Context Menu:

objApp.shellExecute "cmd.exe", " /c regsvr32 /u " & chr(34) & strArg & chr(34), , "runas", 1

That’s it!



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