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RegDevelop Part 1 – Introduction and Screenshots

RegDevelop is a Rapid Application Development Program in which computer users can create applications that can be edited, shared and updated by anyone. It also aims to provide a safe and manage environment in creating Customization Programs.

The main idea is that All Programs created using RegDevelop can be updated and fixed by any user.

Study the Program – Switch to IDE Mode by pressing F12

All the settings and How the Program works can be seen in this mode.

DisableRegEditCheck propcheckbox

NEXT: Creating your First RegDevelop Application



For users who wants to build their own application. Please Read the entire summary.

Designing the User Interface - IDE Mode

Drag and Drop Capability


Moving Group of Controls

GroupMovePress Shift or Control Key to Select

Snap Options

snap   Automatic detection crossline    Crosshair feature

Safe and Managed Environment – Unique Feature

Customization Programs that uses Registry Editing and Pictures

Before debugging or testing the program, It automatically backups the entire settings.

StartDebug Backup First

stopdebugging Settings Restored

Therefore, even if you have set a lot of options while testing the program. It will automatically be Restored.


Button Control: Since Button control provides an extension to more advance programming capabilities outside the application. It is impossible to detect what kind of settings has been changed.

Solution: Create Windows System Restore first by pressing F2

Intelligent – Automatic Detection and Warning Algorithm while adding the settings.


To Uninstall - Press F5 first > F10 > delete the files…


BUILD Mode – Using the Created Application

Anything that was changed can be restored.


If the data in Textbox and PictureBox Control was changed, Simply Press F10 to Restore the Original Settings that was detected when the program was opened for the first time.

To Uninstall the Created Application – Just press F10 and delete the files.

F2 – Create Windows Restore Point

F12 – Switch to IDE Mode to learn how the settings was made, to change and update the program.


NEXT: Creating your First RegDevelop Application



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