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WinBubble is the best free TweakUI replacement - Woody Leonhard, Windows Secrets Newsletter

winbubble My favorite multi-awarded author, Woody Leonhard, who is adored blindly and excessively by everyone (Of course by Me), now living in thailand with his father, beautiful wife and sons. Surprisingly chooses WinBubble as his favorite Vista Tweaker. Wow!

Here: WinBubble is the best free TweakUI replacement - WindowsSecrets.com

My favorite Vista tweaker is a very unassuming, free little program from Lawrence Albert called WinBubble… it sure beats the daylights out of editing the Registry by hand. And the results will perk up your day. Guaranteed.”  - Woody Leonhard, Windows Secrets Newsletter, 7 Feb 2008, WindowsSecrets.com

In recent weeks, he worked with several utilities that slice and dice Vista: TweakVI, Vista Smoker Pro, Fresh UI, Vispa, Stardock's Tweakvista and WinBubble. He tests and consider in detail each utility as stated in the paid version of Windows Secrets Newsletter.

Why WinBubble hit the sweet spot in his tests?

"Like Vispa, WinBubble doesn't require any installation regimen at all. Just unzip the downloaded file and stick it into a convenient folder. The program runs clean, without putting any hooks into Vista..."

It inspired me to code more...

AM I DREAMING? Please DON'T wake me up!

My Opinion:

For me, All of them are Great Tweaking Tools... Much powerful than WinBubble. Anyway, WinBubble can combine All of them by using the Tweaking Toolbox... :)

Great Thanks to: 

Neowin.Net, WinMatrix.com, NotebookReview.com, Freewarefiles.com, Softpedia.com, MajorGeeks.com, CrystalXP.Net, TheVistaForums.com, Vistax64.com, TechPowerup.com, HardwareGeeks.com, Snapfiles.com, BetaNews.com, Wintech.com.pt, Soft82.com, Download.hr, CompletelyfreeSoftware.com and Other Websites that post a blog regarding WinBubble...

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