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NETPLWIZ, Advanced User Accounts Control Panel


What is NetplWiz?

Netplwiz.exe is  a useful tool for managing user accounts in Windows 7 and Vista. It is located in C:\Windows\System32.


  1. Automatic Login in Windows Vista: Click here for the complete step by step guide. For Windows 7 and XP,  Read here
  2. Secure Logon is a common feature of business computers in a domain network. It provides authentic login prompt which protects the system from programs that imitate the logon screen to retrieve or copy the password information. Here's the complete help-guide: Secure Logon for Windows XP and Vista.
  3. Managing Password stored in your computer

When you surf the web and check your e-mail, Internet Explorer will ask you to save your password. If you will use this feature, Windows will store your logon credentials for servers, websites, and programs. When you open one of those websites or programs, Windows will try to log you on automatically.

Just go to the Advanced Tab->Manage Passwords


This is very useful if you always forgot the passwords in different email accounts and websites. Just don't forget to Backup for restoring them later when needed.

CONS: Usability or Security

There are some utilities that can decrypt your stored passwords easily. I recommend saving or storing your password, if this situation doesn't apply to you.

To launch NETPLWIZ or Advanced User Accounts Control Panel:

Press WinKey+R, Type Netplwiz and Press Enter

or in Windows XP

Press WinKey+R, Type Control Userpasswords2 and Press Enter



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