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Using Performance Reports - All Time option to view all your AdSense performance

Google Adsense is a free way to earn money online. The advertising solution delivers text-based Ads that are relevant to website content pages.

Here’s how to get all the adsense data using the performance reports tab so that you can verify and analyze them starting from the beginning of implementation of the service.

Login to your email or AdSense account and Go to the Performance reports Tab.


At the right side portion, find All time option as seen below:


From the option, you’ll be able to analyze if your system is working or not, using the Performance graph…

That’s it! It will take time until all the data is ready to view.

Just maximize the rows by changing the option to 100.


Adsense is being run by Google and allows publishers to make money online through advertisements that can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.

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