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Reducing Electric Cost by Controlled Lighting at Home Automation

Want to reduce your electricity cost? Use any computer technology device like Cellphones, Tablet and PC for controlling lights and mains!

Again, this coding technique is Option Explicit or done by Strict writing and the softwares was written in the Visual Basic dot Net. Like Cellphones, the device lets you turn ON and OFF your lights and mains using a Tough Screen Tablet Device in Windows 10.

Try the link at your computer, cellphone and Tablet: http://pedialogy.org/homeautomation


- Handmade OS

- The Server Controller is in Windows 7

- Touch Screen Windows 10 Tablet (Client to Control 3 Lights and 1 Mains)

- worth only $5,000 for Smart Home Devices and shipping is included.

- Offline only, no internet connection is needed.



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