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Downloading Office Professional Plus 2013 Preview with Product Key included

Microsoft work on Office applications that started several years ago is now one of the most important products up to date. Saving a lot of paper works, speeding up all the business transactions and jobs in different levels.

Want to try the next version of Microsoft Office? Here’s the direct download links:

Make sure that you login to your hotmail account first, you have a download manager or any download optimization software and use the Right-click and Save As portion of the mouse:

32-bit version of the Software

64-bit version (needs hardware compatibility)

If the Right-Click doesn’t work – Click the link and allow Akamai download manager to download or re-download the file.

For the serial key and registration, proceed with this link.


Microsoft Office is one of the core products of the company. It became the defacto standard because of its popularity, here’s a quick definition.

Microsoft Word is a word processor – one of the main products of the bundled software replaces the need of countless paper works. It replaces typewriters too fast.

Microsoft Powerpoint is a popular presentation software capable of creating slideshows with many visual effects.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software that focuses on tabular data and analysis based on facts (inputted data).


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