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Displaying the Run Option in Start Menu

Start Menu Run option is not included as default feature in newer version of Windows. Probably the designers  is comfortable and want to popularize the Start Search feature. Anyway, how to re-enable the option is easy…

Right Click the Taskbar > Properties > Start Menu Tab and Click “Customize…” button

Then, Click to check “Run command” to enable the option…


Using the Registry to Enable “Run…” item in Start Menu

You can also enable the option using Windows Registry if everything seems goes wrong e.g. the Taskbar hangs

So, open your Windows Registry (Win logo key + R) and type “Regedit” and go to the registry folder below



Once you reach the folder, right-click > New > DWORD (32-bit) Value and use the value name “Start_ShowRun” and data as 1 as shown above.

Finally, Restart your computer afterwards…

That’s it!



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