Author: Lawrence Albert Pardo-Ilao - Naga City, Philippines

New! TRUE Short Circuit Protection for Cars and Motorcyles!

New! VB.NET HTML5 and CSS3 Tutorials!

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Have Fun studying various information related to Computers


This is an update for the website

Cool!? Its not an OS, just a menu for articles, sign up options and many other things.

Actually, the project started several months ago between April and May. It was exciting because I started from nothing, only studying few portions.

This is the initial work from April to May 2011


- cope up with detection features


Initial Ideas (many features)


Great! This project keeps me on going, this project for me, is the start of being a professional web developer and blogger since 2007.

During August, I updated youtube file hack because its already not working for several months or maybe almost a year. Try the tool!

Why I can’t post the latest work?

There are still many work to be done, and its very difficult to finish everything. I work faster and faster during May and I end up working too slow starting from June to October.

Try now!



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