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Command-line Utilities to check the Network Connectivity

Microsoft Windows 7 and Vista includes several diagnostic tools to monitor and repair network connections. Here are some of the most commonly used tools…

PING is one of the most useful IP-level utilities because it tests and verifies the connectivity to other computer. It replies with reports on the general speed (response time) of the network connection.

To use PING, click the Orb Ball (Start), search by typing “cmd” and then press Enter.

In the command interpreter window, type ping <ip address> or ping <domain name> e.g. ping or ping yahoo.com


IPCONFIG - If you get a request timeout response to a ping command, usually, this means that there's a problem with the connectivity or configuration of the computer's networking information.

To check whether the settings is correct - use ipconfig/all command to view the configuration information.


TRACERT - This utility determines the path to an internet address, which is measured in hops. This is useful in
finding the reason why you can't connect to another network or website(s) on the internet.

To use Tracert, type tracert <ip address> or tracert <domain name> in a command interpreter window e.g. tracert yahoo.com

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