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Downloading Windows 7 for Free [Full version]


logo8[1] Windows 7 is the new operating system by Microsoft designed to be fast, stable, fewer clicks and mature version of Windows Vista. Microsoft developed hundreds of little improvements and a few big ones that making every task simpler and easier.

Unlike Window Vista, Windows 7 is compatible with most of the applications and hardware because most of the important core features are already been tested in Windows Vista.


Read here for more detailed information about its features.

How to Download and Use the latest operating system for Free

The great thing, Microsoft released a version design for technological professionals, engineers and IT Professionals for testing and debugging purposes.

Direct Download Links for the 32/64-Bit Version – ISO File

Simply Right-Click and Save Target as the link below

Windows 7 32-Bit version

Windows 7 64-Bit version

12/25/2012 Work around update

1. CLICK for the Following Links (x86 and x64)


Installation (32-bit) of Akamai download manager

Installation (64-bit) of Akamai download manager

an information dialog box will be shown in your Internet Explorer browser prompting you to install "ActiveX control:...".

2. Make sure that the download manager was installed, then copy and paste the links below to your Address bar:





3. Wait for the internet explorer response as shown below


That’s it!

Note: This version will work without a key for 90 days. You just need to activate once you installed the Enterprise version of Windows 7.

Right Click the Computer Icon, Choose Properties option and Click the Windows Activation option located at the bottom part of the Window


or Using Start Menu Search, type “activate windows”.

That’s it!

Freeware Utilities that is 100%-Compatible with Windows 7

WinBubble, Customize and Tweak Windows 7 and Vista easily


WinBubbles-Lite 2009, a light-weight, updatable, Open for All and different version of WinBubbles

WinGuggle, System Profiler, Gets your Windows 7/8/Vista/XP Product Key and Customizes OEM Information completely

RegDevelop, Create your own TweakUI for Windows 7 and Vista


Hope this Helps!



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